Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spiders and Rocks and Plants oh my!

If you have ever beaten down an arachind that is bigger than a silver dollar, then you know that the moment before you step down on it you can feel its eyes glaring as if it will mess you up when you try something. They you step and it jumps into classic spider death position. You know, the one that they are on their backs and with their legs curled up to a point.

That is what happened at work the other night.

So here is the story...

I work the late night at work, and I work as a cook. Well this was a particularly boring night, (the busiest it got was when I first got there), and we were going to be closed for a couple of hours due to the find of roaches in the dining room, so a bug guy was coming in and pesticide-ing the place out.

He came and went in, we stayed outside waiting, for about 2 hours, and then he give us the clear and says that he found nothing, nothing at all. Even I have seen at least one roach, but I guess they were tipped off about the bug guy and fled. Anyhow, it went on a bit later and I had finished restocking the cook's line, and remade all the gravies and such, when I heard the server screaming my name from the dining room.

When I came around the corner, she was yelling, "Kill it! Or I'm leaving!" I immediately thought she saw a large roach (and after the bug guy left!) But it turned out to be a rather large Wolf Spider. That thing glared at me as I put my foot down on it.

So apparently the server has an pretty bad case of arachnophobia, and called me her hero all night.

And that is my story, I lead a pretty boring life except for a few moments that could be used to tell a good story with.

The moment I make up one I will be sure to let you guys know! (Kidding!)

Now on to the updates.

I had to push back the deadline for Darunia's fanfiction, I am having such writer's block with it. I have a tendency to write out my stories by hand first and then type them up later, and with this second chapter, I keep crossing out whole paragraphs because that aren't fitting right in my head. It doesn't help that the scene I am working on involves quite a bit of dialogue, which is my weakest writing point. But what can you do but practice right?

The next update is Pikmin Origins, which is coming along nicely, I just need to wrap up this next chapter (and wouldn't you know it, the part I'm working on is dialogue! Go figure!) I am starting to see a pattern with my writing. But I should have that up along with Darunia on June 5th and if you want to stay informed, just follow me on Twitter @RogerCascaden I update most of my blogs on there the day it comes out with a link and everything!

Well, I think I have typed your eyes out, so I think it would be fair to let you go now, but remember to keep your friends and family who keep spiders as pets from taking then out to eat with them. The spiders might get left behind and scare a poor server.

Alright then, until next time I'm still...



Pikmin Origins

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